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Condor chick in nest. Credit: USFWS
condor chicks in nest

June 2009 Media Tip Sheet Index

Condor Recovery in California. A California condor chick's online debut this spring may have looked wobbly—a 35–second video from Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge showed an unsteady grey fur ball with a yellow head ...Read More

And Speaking of Breeding...In North Carolina, 41 red wolf pups born in the wild this spring gave biologists a big reason to celebrate...Read More

Selenium Threat Averted. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has resolved a case of chemical contamination that threatened migratory birds at Cane Ridge Wildlife Management Area,..Read More

A Sharp Sense of Accomplishment. Wanted: Thick–skinned folks able to withstand pain, kneel long hours under the desert sun. No fear of needles. Dexterity with barbeque tongs, tweezers and trowels a plus...Read More

Hunters and Anglers Take Aim at Invasive Species. In response to the growing concern over the toll invasive species are taking on National Wildlife Refuges: A recently released educational DVD, "Defending Favorite Places," asks hunters and fishermen to help protect the places they frequent ...Read More

New Trails for Birders. As the popularity of bird watching grows, new and improved birding trails are popping up around the country, many in National Wildlife Refuges...Read More

Go Wild This Summer. Feel the urge to do something wild this summer? And you need to do it on a shoestring budget? Consider these out–of–the–ordinary events on National Wildlife Refuges...Read More


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