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Also Imperiled by Oil Oiled pelicans and sea turtles, their images flashing across TV and computer screens, have become symbols of the wildlife threatened by the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Large, iconic creatures — one, Louisiana's state bird; the other, a visitor favorite — the pelicans and turtles readily capture public sympathy. But there are numerous other less visible species, often heavily dependent on habitat found only on National Wildlife Refuges that are also at risk. And their plight matters more than one might think ...Read More

A New Way to Further Wildlife Conservation Now you and your fellow nature lovers can plan an eco-travel vacation that will show you natural wonders abroad while rewarding wildlife conservation back home. That's thanks to supporters of several National Wildlife Refuges, who have coupled eco-travel with refuge fundraising....Read More

Bird–Safe Wind Power in Alaska Several National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska will begin a $3.l million experiment this summer, trying to balance wildlife protection with growing calls to boost production of renewable energy. The renewable power source will be wind power....Read More

New Names on the Map When they wondered what to call nine new man-made islands, staff at Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge issued a public challenge: Name an island (no proper names allowed), and put yourself forever on the map. More than 160 people responded, submitting 1,000 environmentally and culturally sensitive entries. The winners include several young students. . . Read More

Slow but Sure: 1,628 Miles Turtles may not be the fastest things on four legs, but they sure can go the distance, especially in water. ...Read More

Summer Means Outdoor Adventure in the National Wildlife Refuge System If ever there was a season made for exploring National Wildlife Refuges, this is it. The fields and forests are green, the birds are back and the natural world is humming with activity. Refuges around the country are humming with family activities, too. Paddle a waterway. Take the kids to a free fishing derby. Enjoy a refuge festival. Or attend some more off-beat events. ...Read More

The People vs. Invasives Sudbury River in eastern Massachusetts is one of the state's natural jewels. Volunteers for the National Wildlife Refuge System, part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, are toiling this summer to keep it that way. Volunteers with Assabet, Great Meadows and Oxbow National Wildlife Refuges will fan out on foot and by canoe to find, map and pull as many invasive plants as possible during the growing season....Read More


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