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Information iconAwaken your inner Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes and solve some wildlife puzzles. (Photo: USFWS)

There’s nothing like a good puzzle or brain teaser to sharpen your problem-solving skills and get you thinking out of the box. Whether you like solving word searches or navigating mazes or seeing how many species from A to Z you can find in your backyard, we’ve got nature puzzles to keep you entertained. Enjoy!



Assorted Amusements

Ding at Home
Short daily entertainments (including videos, activity sheets and scavenger hunts) Monday through Friday from J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

Movement Monday- animal yoga
Tales Tuesday- story time and wildlife facts
Wildlife Wednesday- quick wildlife program
Trails Tuesday- discovery outside
Funtime Friday - wildlife crafts & experiments

Nature Journal — Squirrel
Learn to draw what you see in nature, with the help of this short video from Houston Community Partnerships and Engagement.

Florida and Caribbean Activity Guide (pdf)
Learn about animals in Florida and the Caribbean while solving crosswords, anagrams, word searches and connect-the-dot puzzles.

Boredom Busters (pdf)

Activities from Sacramento Refuge Complex
Activities such as word searches and a Nature ABCs are posted to the complex’s Facebook page.

Family Nature Explorer activities
Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska offers a collection of projects and amusements.

Become a Junior Ranger at Home
Southeast Louisiana Refuges posts daily nature-based activities for kids at home.

Things to Do Outside
Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge offers up some games.

Games and Activities — Migratory Birds
Bird-based games, including word searches and mazes.

Games and Activities — Endangered Species
A memory game, a matching game and a jigsaw puzzle.

Camouflaged Critters (pdf)

Stay-at-Home Science


Information iconRanger Toni Westland and some “Ding at Home” fans at J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. (Photo: USFWS)