“The Friends of Dahomey started a Facebook page and a blog; we are upgrading our webpage, we have initiated efforts to collaborate more closely with other community organizations. All of these are efforts to increase communication with our members and engage more of them in our projects and to recruit more members from a wider range of people in the community.” Alan Barto, Friends of Dahomey Refuge,MS

“We are trying to stop approaching every project as if the Friends’ membership is the only interested group. Working with partners expands our reach and can increase the resources available to us.” Deb Staal, Friends of Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, ID

“Our Friends group at Dungeness does not have unique problems...We already had plans to restart the newsletter and develop a Web site. When I returned from the Academy, I was very energized to get things going, so we did just that.” Kermit Reister, Friends of Dungeness Refuge, WA

“The value of the sessions was realizing that we all struggle with similar items and learn from others’ experiences. I was able to share start–up successes and other ideas for beginning our own nature store.” Stephanie Martin, Friends of Maine Seabird Islands, ME