National Wildlife Refuge System

“Poor Jo-Jo Missed His Bus”

Bob Danley imitates the call of the white-crowned sparrow and other birds during a regular radio program about Lee Metcalf Refuge, MT.
Credit: Alexander T. Galt
Bob Danley won the American Recreation Coalition’s Beacon Award for his innovative use of technology.
Credit: USFWS

Say it fast and you’ll have the call of the white-crowned sparrow, says Bob Danley, outdoor recreation planner at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, MT, and winner of the American Recreation Coalition’s Beacon Award for his innovative use of technology.


Danley’s animal sounds come across loud and clear during his weekly public radio appearance in Missoula, when he offers updates about the refuge.


Danley is also using social media – especially Twitter. “I just posted on marble godwits. There were about 65 of these showy shorebirds on the refuge. People immediately got on the trail to see them.  When people are informed in a timely way, they can take advantage of cool spectacles.”


Danley also used a Facebook page to promote the Montana Junior Duck Stamp program, providing a way for kids to see their artwork online. He is preparing quick read (QR) codes for the refuge auto tour route. Danley has also coordinated firearm and archery hunter education courses and youth and special needs fishing clinics, and organized many environmental education programs.

These youngsters all attended the Montana Junior Duck Stamp competition at Lee Metcalf Refuge.
Credit: USFWS


“We Study the Moon. We Need to Look Down into the Ocean”

Friends of the Monument founder Ike Cabrera, with Friends secretary Laurie Peterka, has been honored as the first Global Ocean Legacy Hero.
Credit: Friends of the Monument

Ignacio “Ike” Cabrera, who helped launch Friends of the Monument, was named the first Global Ocean Legacy Hero by the Global Ocean Legacy Team for his contributions to marine conservation. Cabrera, raised as a fisherman in Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, created the Friends group to educate young people and others about the value of the ocean environment. He and other Friends presented the case for marine conservation in numerous island classrooms before he was invited to the White House in January 2009 to watch then-President George W. Bush sign the proclamation creating the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument.


Cabrera and Friends secretary Laurie Peterka are working to obtain 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for the Friends group and expand opportunities for local and mainland students to study the ocean and the Marianas Trench, which contains some of the deepest known points in the global ocean. Due to its inaccessibility, the region is virtually unexplored, and much remains to be learned about its ecological and biological characteristic.  “We study the moon. We need to look down into the ocean,” says Cabrera.


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Last updated: June 17, 2013