Whether you want to hike on a national wildlife refuge right near your home or find birding trails and boardwalks when you travel, the new refuge trail finder is just what you need. The new trails Web site—www.fws.gov/refuges/trails/—enables visitors to search for hiking trails by state, trail name or refuge. Details about each trail include length, grade, slope and special features such as a deck, boardwalk or designation as a National Recreation or National Historic Trail.

The new trails site also features stories about new trails or additions to trails, such as the Animal Olympics added to the Magnolia National Recreation Trail by the Friends of St. Catherine Creek Refuge in Mississippi (see Friends Forward Winter 2011).

Two newly designated National Recreation Trails are included on the siteā€”the Froland Waterfowl Production Area Interpretive Trail, winding for 1.7 miles through the prairie potholes of the Morris Wetland management District in Minnesota, and Sandtown Nature Trail on Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.