National Wildlife Refuge System

From the Chief

We’re All Digital Now

By Jim Kurth

Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System


Welcome to the first digital-only Friends Forward newsletter.  We have replaced the printed, quarterly Friends Forward with this digital-only version, which allows us to bring you news every two months rather than every four.


We have ended the printed version of the newsletter not to save trees – since we always used recycled paper – but to save bucks.  Not the wildlife kind of bucks, but the greenback kind of bucks.


In this era of challenging budgets, we need to put as many of our dollars to resource conservation as we can. While we were proud of the printed Friends Forward, we had to face the fact that it was a costly publication delivered to a very limited number of addresses. With a digital newsletter, we can reach the much larger audience of email addresses we have.   


With this digital version, we can bring you more timely news in a format that is highly readable. You can easily share this newsletter within your community. We hope that you spread it widely, including sending it to people who are good prospects for membership in your Friends organization. We will continue to have all newsletter stories online at our Web portal for Friends.


As we did with the printed Friends Forward, we want to bring you the stories you want to read and the information you find most valuable. Email the editor at with your story ideas and information about what’s happening with your Friends group. If you want to add people to our email distribution of the newsletter, please write to Karen as well. 


The Refuge System values the enormous help and visibility that Friends organizations give. The time and energy you devote to wildlife refuges can’t be added up in just hours and dollars. The vitality of your ideas and the passion of your commitment are what make us work ever harder. Thank you for all you do for wildlife refuges, and let us know how we can help you. 


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Last updated: March 4, 2014