Friends Forward
October 2016
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Manages the World’s Largest Conservation Estate
President Obama propelled the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to unprecedented prominence in worldwide conservation by expanding the National Wildlife Refuge System to include extraordinary marine resources, which renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle has called “hope spots.” Read more from Refuge Chief Cynthia Martinez.

Scouts: Bringing the Next Generation to Your Refuge

From handing a shovel and some plants to Brownies to helping a teen identify an Eagle or Gold Award project, refuges can be ideal places to give young people outdoor experiences that can give them a lifelong connection to the land. Read More

A “Brand” New Approach: Digitizing and Diversifying Friends

Alaska is a haven for bears and moose, but travel,  organizational coordination, and communication can be the real bear.  Find out how the Friends of Alaska tackled the challenge. Read more
What Makes a Friends Group Vibrant and Effective?
The National Wildlife Refuge Association wants to figure out what would most help Friends groups be vibrant, active and effective – moving forward, making a difference and excited about what they are doing. Read more
But How Do I Get There?
How many urban refuges are truly accessible to people who have physical, financial and other situations that might be barriers to getting into nature?  We're trying to find out. Read more
Passports and Posters
The much-anticipated Blue Goose Passport has been updated and should be ready to order in November. Read more

Google Cultural Institute

Partnering with Google Cultural Institute brings endangered species to life.


Friends Grant Winners

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announces more than $156,900 in grants to Friends groups.

Share the Experience Photo Contest Deadline December 31

This is a chance to see your favorite national wildlife refuge photo on next year’s America the Beautiful Interagency Pass.

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