Friends Forward
December 2015
Friends Are the Givingest!
Friends have so much to give to one another – and are so willing to share. Read Cynthia Martinez' reflections on a recent Friends coaching workshop in Minnesota.  Read More.
Bienvenido a su refugio!
(Welcome to your refuge!)
With nearly 40 million Americans speaking Spanish at home, national wildlife refuges and their Friends groups are often making a concerted effort to reach out to these potential visitors. Read what they are doing here. Read more
The Quilts of Tamarac
The Birds of Tamarac quilt was the first – five years ago – that launched a fundraising phenomenon that shows no sign of waning.  Read More.
How to Bring a Resident Artist to Your Refuge
A strong community partnership is key to the success of the resident artist program at Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge, FL. Read more
Urban Partnership Launched in Houston
Clinton City Park is one of four city parks that will be paired with national wildlife refuges and their Friends groups as part of the Houston Urban Partnership.  Read more
Nitty Gritty of Volunteering
Background checks, ethics, uniforms, stipends - and mud: there’s a lot to being a volunteer! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Volunteer Policy is being updated. Read more
Restoring Islands, Saving Species
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service strengthened its partnership with the nonprofit Island Conservation to remove invasive species from islands, one of the most effective ways to save endangered species.  Read more
Online Citizen Science Course
Learn about ways to put citizen scientists to work on your refuge.  Read more
Urban Waters Restoration Grants
This grant program supports new or existing Urban Refuge Partnerships. Proposals are due February 3, 2016. Read more.
Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund Grants Announced
Lower Rio Grande Valley and Santa Ana Refuges, TX, and Squaw Creek and Swan Lake Refuges, MO, received grants to restore monarch habitat. Read more.
Urban Friends Webinar
A summary and recording of this webinar are available on the Friends Urban Hub at Read more.
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