Friends Forward
August 2016
Seeds: They Only Sound Simple
Refuge System Chief Cynthia Martinez writes about the challenge of making sure the nation has enough genetically appropriate seeds to restore and rehabilitate lands. Read more
Refuges Best Ambassadors
What is the status of the Friends program and how well is the Friends strategy being implemented? Those were among the questions asked at a recent Friends coordinators retreat. Read More
Willapa Nature Notes
What might publicize your refuge, engage the community, offer some environmental education and provide a team project for your Friends members? Read more
New Online Stories Highlight Refuge System
A new photo-rich story about the Refuge System is being posted each week to highlight conservation accomplishments and recreation on national wildlife refuges, wetland management districts and marine national monuments. Read more
Urban Partnership Established
Four new Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnerships join 17 others to provide city residents with fresh opportunities to get outdoors.
Public Lands Day September 24
Register your event for National Public Lands Day, the largest, one-day volunteer effort for public lands.
Every Kid in a Park
Fourth graders and their families can continue to see America’s refuges, parks and monuments for free in 2017.
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