Urban Wildlife Conservation Program: Friends Can Be Key Players

August 2015 - Friends Forward
Friends of Valle d’Oro Refuge, NM, worked with kids hosting birding tours for an Urban Refuge A.R.T.S. event on the refuge.
Credit: KRQE News 13 video at http://bit.ly/1M7WA6z

How can urban America connect with wild places like national wildlife refuges? Find out how Friends can help answer the question during the Urban Refuge Webinar for Friends on Wednesday, September 16, 8-9 pm Eastern Time.

With 80 percent of Americans living in cities, the challenge to ensure that natural resources are conserved and valued by the American people has become more complex. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to engaging new audiences in meaningful, collaborative ways that build sustainable, broad-based support for the future.

The Refuge System has developed eight standards that define excellence for urban and other refuges. Nearly all refuges and Friends organizations can play a role in meeting these standards. The Urban Refuge Webinar for Friends will explain these standards and provide examples of Friends organizations building new partnerships, becoming assets to their communities and developing innovative outreach strategies.

The webinar will be hosted by national Friends coordinator Joanna Webb and national urban coordinator Angelina Yost. Watch the Friends Facebook page and the Refuge System Friends page for registration information and other details.