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Lynnea Shuck

Lynnea Schuck -- PORTRAIT
Fremont, California
Lynnea, a senior at Harvard, visited Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge most weekends before college. She still visits on breaks.
Don Edwards Refuge CA
Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, California
(Photo: Ian Shive)

How she fell in love with the refuge: “At the refuge Environmental Education Center at Alviso, there’s a short trail around a boardwalk that has become wonderfully familiar to me. I’ve ventured on it likely more than 250 times. But whether it was the first time or the 250th time, I find myself once again in awe of the beauty of the salt marsh’s colors.”

Coolest thing about the refuge: “From bird walks and history talks about the nearby ghost town to field trips and special events, there is so much to do and learn at the refuge. Don Edwards has great programming for families and kids.”

Favorite species: “I love black-necked stilts, the first birds I always spot as I arrive at the Environmental Education Center. Only flamingos have a longer leg-to-body ratio than the stilts.”

Why refuges matter: “The refuge rejuvenates me and inspires my work. National wildlife refuges protect amazing landscapes – salt marshes, forest and deserts, and the wildlife that call these places home. They protect a part of our American heritage. I founded so that young people can discover how important and awesome refuges are.”