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Information iconBighorn sheep at Nevada's Desert National Wildlife Refuge by Super Fan Renee Tressler

The National Wildlife Refuge System is fortunate to have passionate, enthusiastic and committed visitors, Friends and volunteers. More than 50 million visitors enjoy refuges each year. An estimated 40,000 members of about 200 Friends organizations support refuges locally. More than 40,000 volunteers contribute 1.5 million hours annually to help refuges conserve the nature of America. During National Wildlife Refuge Week 2018, we say thank you to each and every one of them – and we introduce you to a few of them. Meet some Refuge Super Fans.  

Fans of One Refuge

Each is devoted to an individual refuge

Fans of Many Refuges

They travel from coast to coast

Information iconProthonotary warbler at Mississippi's Hillside National Wildlife Refuge by Super Fan Renee Tressler