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Information iconCoyote at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. (Photo: John Carr/USFWS)


America's Birdiest Places

Lighthouses of the Refuge System

Sing, Fly, Soar - Celebrate Birds

Earth Day

Climate Change

Wildlife Viewing

It's Our Birthday

Why I Took These Shots (Ashley Riedel)

To Feed or Not to Feed Wild Birds

Careers to Consider

11 Ways Wildlife Refuges Make Life Better


Winter Scenes

Wild turkey story

Bats: “The Coolest Mammals on Earth”


A Beginners Guide to the National Wildlife Refuge System

You Belong Here

Why I Took These Shots (Steve Emmons)

Wilderness! There Is Nothing Like It

Five Super Stops on Monarch Migration Trail

Wildlife Conservation

Recreate Responsibly

Serenity on the Water

Managing Fire

Summer Sights

Go Fish!

Portraits of Alaska


Learn at Home

Earth Day

Wings of Life

The Waterkeepers

Spring Marvels

Why I Took These Shots (Lamar Gore)

Jump-Start Your Future

iFAQ: Infrequently Asked Questions

Try Nature. It's Good for You



Wild Facts About Wild Turkeys

Why I Took These Shots (Larry Woodward)

Dive Into Puerto Rico's Blissful Waters


Native Wildflowers Amp Up the Color

Dragonfly Spotting on Wildlife Refuges

Best Places for Nature Photography

National Wildlife Refuge Week

Fall for Autumn on Northeast Refuges

Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day

Fall Wonders

A Beginner's Guide to the National Wildlife Refuge System

Gone Fishing

Winter in the Heart of Alaska

Why I Took These Shots (Lisa Hupp)

Wildlife Refuges: Where the Birds Are

Eagles Across America

Wildlife Corridors

How to Best Enjoy a National Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Refuges of Interstate 95

8 Powerful Lessons That the Ocean Can Teach

Reconnect With Outdoor Traditions

Tips for Anglers

Oceans of Trash

“Hope Spots” in the Ocean

The Midway Atoll You Might Not Know

Wildlife Spectacles at Wildlife Refuges

Enjoy Your Visit!

Biking at Wildlife Refuges

Why I Took These Shots (Keith Ramos)

A Few Words for Nature Nerds

11 Ways Wildlife Refuges Make Life Better

Refuge Animals from A to Z

Snow Tracks

A Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Into Alaska TV Series

Nature’s Good Neighbors

The Refuges of Interstate 5

Refuge Super Fans

Fun Facts about Refuge Rivers and Trails

Why I Took These Shots (Tom Koerner)

Find Your Way to Wildlife Refuges

Eww, Gross Tell me More

Name That Refuge: Culture & History Quiz

The Beach, Wildlife and You

Trails for Non-Hikers

Why I Took These Shots (Jessica Bolser)

Mammal Madness: Who Gets Your Vote?

Your Guide to Fishing on National Wildlife Refuges

Commemorating an Often-Forgotten Battle in Alaska

Cute Baby Animals at National Wildlife Refuges

National Wildlife Refuges Along the Lewis and Clark Trail

Helping Fish Get Through

Up, Up and Count

The Science of Spring

Weathering the Cold

Find Your Way: Florida Refuges

Anna Comstock: A Force of Nature

Student Placement

Rivers: America’s Lifeblood

Chillin’ With Family & Friends


Nap Wildlife Style

#FindYourWay on Snow

Wildlife Selfies

Fall Harvest: Foraging on Refuges

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Fall Wildlife Spectacles

10,000 Hours and Counting

Longleaf Pine for Georgians

Sun Block

The Wildlife Refuges of California

New Hope for Ferrets

Visiting a Park? Try a Wildlife Refuge, Too

Mothers of the Wild

National Wildlife Refuges Along the Trail of Tears

Friends Are Bettering Their Communities

A Summer Camp Experience to Remember

Now, for Something a Little Unusual

Working for Wildlife

Funny shots


Geese on Earth

Go Wild – Virtually!

The Right Seed in the Right Place at the Right Time

Going Coastal

Birds Draw Tourists to South Texas

America's History Protected on National Wildlife Refuges

Conservation in the City

Terrific Fall Walks on National Wildlife Refuges

Generations of Hunters

Companies Get the Refuge Spirit

Monarchs: North America’s Butterfly

Teddy Roosevelt, the Teddy Bear and the Deep South

Sea Turtle Recovery on the Atlantic Coast

What's so funny?

Refuge Road Trip: See America Wild

The Tiglax: A Vessel for Science & Conservation

Glorious Summer

Information icon(Photo:USFWS)