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Celebrating a Century of Conservation
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A "How-To" Handbook to Support The National Wildlife Refuge System's Centennial

Part I
Getting Started
  • Starting Out from Here
  • Focus Refuges

    Part II
    Centennial Priority Projects
  • What Your Station Can Do
         To Get Involved

    Part III
    In the Beginning
  • Centennial Fact Sheet
  • Legislation
  • Interior News Release

    Part IV
  • Service Messages
  • Refuge System Messages
  • Using these Messages
  • Identifying Our Audiences

    Part V
    Special Events
  • Special Event Tip Sheet
  • Invited Guests
  • Inviting Congress
  • Event Funding
  • Three Examples using Partners
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Checklist
  • Regional SPecial Event Examples
  • March 14, 2003, Refuge System-
         wide Time Capsule Special Event

    Part IV
  • Publicity through a News Story
  • Writing a News Release
  • Sample News Release
  • Centennial Boilerplate Message
         for News Release Closing
  • Publicity through Public Service
         Advertising (PSA's)
  • Sample Radio PSA's
  • Sample Print PSA's
  • Paid Advertising
  • Part VII
  • Tips for Preparting Speeches
  • Sample Speech Outline
  • Useful Quotes

    Part VIII
  • Obtaining a Proclamation
  • Sample Letter Requesting a
  • Sample Proclamation
  • Sample Proclamation News

    Part IX
    Just the Facts
  • Current Refuge System Fact

    Part X
    Product Information

    Part XI
    Helpful Information
  • National Wildlife Refuge
         Outreach Team
  • FWS National Outreach Team
  • Public Affairs
  • Volunteer Coordinators
  • Division of Contracting and
         General Sesrvices
  • National Sign Committee
  • Congressional Affairs
  • Publications Committee

  • Blue Goose (stand alone)
  • Refuge System Design Element
  • FWS
  • Images of Theodore Roosevelt,
         Paul Krogel, Rahel Carson, J.N.
         "Ding" Darling, J. Clark Salyer
         Additional Resources
  • Cover of Refuge Centennial

    Please note, the entire "How-to" Handbook is a 1.8 MB PDF file.  If you are on a dial-up connection, it will take several minutes to download. You must download the file before you can read it and/or print it out. You can also download individual chapters in PDF format by clicking on the section titles from the Table of Contents listed to the left.

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