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Where can I find addresses for the refuges and the refuge managers, including phone numbers?

Baby Birds

What do I do if I find a baby bird?

Bison (buffalo)

Where can I buy a bison?


How can I get a job with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service?

What are the educational requirements (link to PDF doc) to get a job and how do I find out which schools offer the course work that I need?

Endangered Species

How can I find out which endangered species are found on national wildlife refuges?

Where can I find pictures and information about individual species of endangered plants and animals?

Where can I find out the names of National Wildlife Refuges that were established for endangered species?


Where can I get information about obtaining bird/eagle feathers/parts?

It is illegal for individuals to possess feathers and/or parts of migratory birds without a permit or license.

Information about the distribution of bald and golden eagle feathers and parts to qualified Native Americans can be found on the National Eagle Repository Web page.


Where can I get information about fees?

The Recreation Fee Program

Hunting and Fishing

Where can I find information about the National Surveys of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation?

Land Acquisition

How long has the Federal Government been acquiring lands for wildlife?

What types of land interest are acquired?

What authority and funding is there for land acquisition?

Where does the money come from?

Do hunters pay for the lands acquired for the National Wildlife Refuge System?

Land Classification

How are lands classified within the Refuge System?

What are Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs)?

What are Coordination Areas?


Are any wildlife refuges named for women?

Fact Sheets

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Recreation (625 KB PDF)