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The promise and potential of the National Wildlife Refuge System are realized through its 3,000-plus dedicated employees. Refuge managers have identified several workforce challenges relating to staffing, training and career development, leadership development, succession planning, and retention. The National Wildlife Refuge System Strategic Workforce Planning Report (344 KB PDF) provides a big picture of the Refuge System workforce, including workforce challenges and development efforts, a summary of external and internal factors affecting workforce planning; data and analyses; workforce management tools; and recommended next steps.

Leadership Development in the National Wildlife Refuge System

The future of the Refuge System depends on well-rounded, competent leaders. This policy chapter provides guidance and tools for development of leadership skills and career planning. It also describes policy, procedures and responsibility for leadership development within the National Wildlife Refuge System and implements the recommendations on leadership contained in the System's long-term vision document, Fulfilling the Promise.

Career Pathways Reports
Fish and Wildlife Career Resources

Refuge System employees are encouraged to take advantage of these Service-wide training opportunities: 


The National Conservation Training Center's Branch of Conservation and Leadership and Employee Development


USFWS Leadership Competency Development Model

Course descriptions for NCTC leadership courses

Schedule of NCTC Leadership Courses


Course descriptions for supervision and management courses


Short online course on creating an effective IDP