Refuge Reports

Refuge Annual Performance Report

The 2015 Refuge Annual Performance Report helps people understand the success and needs of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Based on data from the Refuge Annual Performance Plan, the report shows habitat, visitor and volunteer trends over the past six years.

Banking on Nature Reports

2012 Proximity Study

A national study shows that in urban areas across three regions of the country owning a home near a national wildlife refuge increases home value and helps support the surrounding community's tax base. Learn more…

2012 Visitor Satisfaction Study

An overwhelming percentage of visitors surveyed at national wildlife refuges in 2010 and 2011 were favorably impressed with the recreational opportunities, education and services on these public lands, according to a national survey released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Learn more…

2012 Climate Satisfaction Survey

Visitors to national wildlife refuges are concerned about the impact of climate change on America’s fish, wildlife and plants ─ and they also support efforts to help native species adapt to changing climate conditions, according to a national survey in 2012. Learn more…