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Event Category: Connecting People with Nature
Date of Event: September 20, 2013 (Friday)
Time of Event:
Event Site: Concord, MA
Event Description: Exploring Autumn’s Changing Landscapes – An Environmental Learning Program for Homeschooled Children: September – December 2013 Join naturalist, educator, and photographer Cherrie Corey for this series of adventures exploring the wonder of autumn's colorful transitions in Concord's Estabrook Woods, Moore's Swamp, the boglands of Walden Woods, and Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Each month we will explore one of these unique natural areas and learn to form our own attentive connection to its inhabitants and seasonal flavor. We'll observe how plants and wildlife prepare for the approaching winter, explore the colors and seed structures of wild plants, watch for winter bird migrants, and learn the ecology of each location we visit -- comparing what we experience in these historic landscapes with the observations and musings of Thoreau and other illustrious Concord naturalists. Dates: Four Fridays - Sept 20, Oct 11, Nov 8, and Dec 13 from 10-12:30 am. Fee: $125/child; limited to 10 children (ages 8-12, parent welcome but not required). Please make checks or money orders payable to Cherrie A. Corey and send to her at 277 Old Bedford Road, Concord. To inquire about space availability or ask about the program, please email Cherrie at cherrie.corey@verizon.net or call at 978-760-1933
Geographic Region: US - Northeast
State/Province: Massachusetts
Contact Information: For additional program information and resources about Concord's natural history, go to http://sense-of-place-concord.blogspot.com/.
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