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Event Category: Other Special Event
Date of Event: December 09, 2013 (Monday)
Time of Event: 1:00pm
Event Site: Univ. Nevada, Reno, Joe Crowley Student Union
Event Description: Great Basin Consortium Conference - The Great Basin Under Fire.

A meeting of partners who coordinate and collaborate on science delivery in the Great Basin. Our mission is to increase communication and coordination among the partner organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of their research, management, outreach and funding activities. Great Basin Consortium Organizations: Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Great Basin Environmental Program Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Great Basin Research and Management Partnership Great Basin Restoration Initiative

Geographic Region: US - Southwest
State/Province: Nevada
Contact Information: Todd Hopkins, Science Coordinator, Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Reno, NV. todd_hopkins@fws.gov, (775)861-6492
Event URL: http://environment.unr.edu/consortium/


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