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Event Category: Other Special Event
Date of Event: June 01, 2013 (Saturday)
Time of Event: 8:00 am to 2:30 pm
Event Site: Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge - Visitor Center
Event Description: Woodpeckers - Beautiful Carpenters. Saturday, June 1, 8am-2:30pm. Woodpeckers are beautiful birds and easy to observe. They are the only carpenters apart from humans. The program will help you to appreciate and understand woodpeckers' behavior and biology, making their observation more enjoyable and meaningful. It will also provide information where to find particular species of woodpeckers in New Mexico. From 8am to noon we will tour the refuge in search of migrant and nesting birds. The classroom program will start at 1 pm. The presenter, Celestyn Brozek, is a life-long birder, instructor of college ornithology courses, and naturalist. This program is limited to 15 people.
Geographic Region: US - Southwest
State/Province: New Mexico
Contact Information: To reserve your spot, call 575-835-1828.
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