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Event Category: National Wildlife Refuge Week (Oct. 9-15)
Date of Event: October 27, 2012 (Saturday)
Time of Event: 8pm
Event Site: Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge at Islands & Ocean Visitor Center
Event Description: Through humor, tears and engaging characters, “Calling All Polar Bears” takes you into the heart of the Arctic, with the hope of melting your heart towards a new perspective on the fate of the polar bears and the Inupiaq people. The event is sponsored by Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, the Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, and the Bunnell Street Gallery. What would a polar bear say if he could talk? How does a small Indigenous community fight a large multi-national corporation that is intending to exploit its natural resources? “Calling All Polar Bears” is a one-woman show by Inupiaq Eskimo interdisciplinary artist Allison Warden, whose roots are from Kaktovik, Alaska, a village in the heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.Through the show, Allison takes on the characters of animals, and people in her village, as they bring to light the complexity surrounding climate change in the Arctic and the push to extract resources from the Arctic regions. Indigenous communities all over the globe are facing similar challenges and “Calling All Polar Bears” hopes to engage audiences through an Inupiaq perspective and inspire audiences to think critically about these pressing issues and also hopefully take action to help fight for Indigenous sovereignty and traditional and customary ways of life. About the Artist: Allison Warden (AKU-MATU) is an Iñupiaq Eskimo interdisciplinary artist with a passion for the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples. She raps under the name AKU-MATU and loves working with young people, empowering them through the use of theatre and music. She creates her own beats for her rhymes, sampling traditional sounds and inserting her Iñupiaq language into her songs. She recently performed as AKU-MATU at Columbia University, as part of a concert put on by the Department of Ethnomusicology. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska and has close ties to her home community of Kaktovik, Alaska. Her one-woman show, “Ode to the Polar Bear” has toured extensively across Alaska and the lower-48 and is now re-worked into a completely new and longer piece, titled “Calling All Polar Bears” which is debuting at Pangea Theater in 2011. The show focuses on an Indigenous perspective of climate change, the push to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the fate of Alaska’s polar bear. She is excited to tour this new show in 2012. She acted in Andrew MacLean’s film, “On the Ice” that premiered at Sundance in 2011. In 2009, she was part of the “virtual subsistence” exhibition at MTS Gallery and coordinated over 25 people to participate in a performance that focused on the incident with the Point Hope caribou and land use issues. Allison was the MC for the Elders and Youth Convention at the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference in October of 2010 and 2011 and was active in presenting about language revitalization. Allison is an engaged community member, passionate about awakening Indigenous youth to their potential and voice. She is most excited about working on her AKU-MATU album and about expressing herself through writing more poetry, plays and a screenplay.
Geographic Region: US - Alaska
State/Province: Alaska
Contact Information: 907-235-2662
Event URL: www.facebook.com/AlaskaMaritimeNationalWildlifeRefuge


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