A Kids’-Eye View

The images were taken by kids last summer at Guam National Wildlife Refuge’s photography workshop known as Camp Shutterbug. From top photo: the red fruit of a langiti, or lipstick, tree; a volcanic outcropping at Ritidian Beach; a coconut shell with a “face” that is culturally significant to the indigenous Chamorro people; a well–camouflaged ghost crab on the beach, a hermit crab, which on Guam is called a dukduk because one can coax a crab out of its shell by holding it close and softly saying “duk duk, duk” until it emerges, and Grotto Cave, where archaeologists recently discovered a 3,000–year–old fishing camp siteh.

Credit: Langiti fruit, Katherine Campbell, age 14; Ritidian Beach, Beatrice Estrella, age 11; coconut shell, Mikaela Frias, age 12; ghost crab, Tupene Baba Jr, age 10, Hermit crab, Faith Hutapea, age 11; Grotto Cave, Carmelo Nauta, age 8.

photo of langiti fruit
photo of volcanic outcropping
photo of face on coconut
photo of ghost crab
photo of hermit crab
photo of cave