Looking for a great read? The National Conservation Training Center has just the title: Anthill, a novel by renowned biologist and conservationist E.O. Wilson.

The training center is leading a virtual book club — called America’s WILD READ at http://americaswildlife.org/WildRead/ — as a lead–up to the Conserving the Future conference. Moderators will begin facilitating online discussions on June 1.

Participants will also be reading Aldo Leopold’s essay “Thinking Like a Mountain” and a contemporary essay by Curt Meine.

Anthill is a magical tale about a boy who grows up determined to save the world from its most savage ecological predator: human beings.

Scholars, retired Refuge System leaders, poets, environmental authors and educators will be the moderators, who will respond to readers’ insights and help explore deeper themes in the book and essays. “By reading epic stories about a sense of place in nature, Americans can discover deeper insights about themselves and the world around them,” said Karene Motivans, a course leader at the training center who conceptualized the online book club. Anne Post, chief librarian, and Sarah Gannon–Nagle, training center communications manager, are also on the team.