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Volunteer Invasives Mapping Project Report

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First Year of Project
Station: Balcones Canyonlands NWR
Region: 2
Contact Person: Deborah Holle
Contact Phone Number: 512/339-9432
Date Report Submitted:

List Type and/or Affiliation(s) of Volunteers: Biological Program Aid (regular Refuge Volunteer), SCA Intern, and Temporary employee
Total Number of Volunteers Trained to Map: 3
Total Number of Volunteer Hours Spent Mapping: ~1,000 hours

List of Invasives Species Mapped:Common NameScientific Name
  Oak wilt fungus
Johnson grass
King Ranch bluestem
Malta star thistle
Which, if any, of these Species are Early Detection Species:
Total Number of Acres Mapped (since project initiation):
Have You Shared Mapping Data with USGS in Ft. Collins? No

Describe Projects Initiated with Follow-Up Funds ($10,000): This year most of our time was spent training our new folks. While we do obtain usable data, turn over in Volunteers, Interns,and Temporary employees is problematic. We also 'mixed' funding with money from an oak wilt grant to monitor and treat.
Total Number of Acres Treated with Follow-up Funding: 15
Total Number of Acres Restored with Follow-up Funding: 0
Total Number of Volunteers Engaged in Treatment and/or Restoration: 3


How has this Project Benefited Invasive Species Management Efforts at Your Station? While we will never restore infested areas, we can monitor them, and keep it under control through herbicides, mowing, and fire management techniques. We also monitor the infestations to make sure the problems aren't getting worse. If they are, then we try to do more control or adjust our burning regime. We could not have done this without the equipment and initial training of our trainers.
What are some of the Lessons Learned and/or Troubleshooting Points that could be Shared with Others Engaged in Similar Activity?
Turn over of volunteers is problematic. Plus, it's hard to maintain proficiency when you don't use the ReCons frequently.


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