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Volunteer Invasives Mapping Project Report

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First Year of Project
Station: Tetlin NWR
Region: 7
Contact Person: Merben R. Cebrian
Contact Phone Number: (907) 883-9410
Date Report Submitted:

List Type and/or Affiliation(s) of Volunteers: biological intern
Total Number of Volunteers Trained to Map: 1
Total Number of Volunteer Hours Spent Mapping: 139

List of Invasives Species Mapped:Common NameScientific Name
  white sweetclover Melilotus alba
alsike clover Trifolium hybridum
foxtail barley Hordeum jubatum
Which, if any, of these Species are Early Detection Species:
Total Number of Acres Mapped (since project initiation): 610
Have You Shared Mapping Data with USGS in Ft. Collins? No

Describe Projects Initiated with Follow-Up Funds ($10,000): Since this is the first year of the project, we have not received the $10,000 yet. We used this project to gather baseline information on the level of invasive plants infestation of riparian corridors on Tetlin NWR lands. We targeted likely avenues of infestation - waterways that intersect the Alaska Highway.
Total Number of Acres Treated with Follow-up Funding: 0
Total Number of Acres Restored with Follow-up Funding: 0
Total Number of Volunteers Engaged in Treatment and/or Restoration: 0


How has this Project Benefited Invasive Species Management Efforts at Your Station? Detection of invasive species in Tetlin NWR lands; provided baseline information of invasive species infestation along riparian corridors on Tetlin NWR.
What are some of the Lessons Learned and/or Troubleshooting Points that could be Shared with Others Engaged in Similar Activity?


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