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Volunteer Invasives Mapping Project Report

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First Year of Project
Station: Texas Midcoast NWRC
Region: 2
Contact Person: thomas adams
Contact Phone Number: 979-292-5642
Date Report Submitted:

List Type and/or Affiliation(s) of Volunteers: Friends Group, Students
Total Number of Volunteers Trained to Map: 8
Total Number of Volunteer Hours Spent Mapping: 20

List of Invasives Species Mapped:Common NameScientific Name
  Chinese Tallow Tree Triadica sebifera
McCartney Rose Rosa bracteata
Deep-Rooted Sedge Cyperus enterianus
Which, if any, of these Species are Early Detection Species: All
Total Number of Acres Mapped (since project initiation): 750
Have You Shared Mapping Data with USGS in Ft. Collins? No

Describe Projects Initiated with Follow-Up Funds ($10,000): Project initiated with mapping Chinese Tallow trees for individual and aerial herbicide treatments. All terain vehicles were utilized to mark several hundred acres of tallow boundaries. Project expanded to bottomland forest to map extent of deep-rooted sedge infestation. This was on a smaller scale because follow up herbicide treatments had to be done by backpack sprayers.
Total Number of Acres Treated with Follow-up Funding: 750
Total Number of Acres Restored with Follow-up Funding: Pending
Total Number of Volunteers Engaged in Treatment and/or Restoration: 2


How has this Project Benefited Invasive Species Management Efforts at Your Station? Remains to be seen. Treatment of deep-rooted sedge kill off species but also other native species that may regenerate on the site in the forest. Tallow trees were aerial sprayed in fall 2006 and results are pending for active regeneration of prairie in spring 2008
What are some of the Lessons Learned and/or Troubleshooting Points that could be Shared with Others Engaged in Similar Activity?
Be prepared for what nature throws out at you out there. Mosquitoes, ants and brier are the main physical obstacles. Heat and humidity will break you if not hydrated and resting periodically. Spraying heavy deep-rooted sedge populations is labor intensive for individuals with back pack sprayers. Suggest a 15 gallon tank sprayer mounted on ATV but only during non-wind days. Suggest making Chinese tallow mapping a joint venture with aerial spraying operations. Seeing hundreds of tallow eradicated by aerial spraying is a significant moral booster verses individual spraying.


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