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Volunteer Invasives Mapping Project Report

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First Year of Project
Station: Eastern MA NWR Complex
Region: 5
Contact Person: Eileen McGourty
Contact Phone Number: 978-443-4661 x37
Date Report Submitted:

List Type and/or Affiliation(s) of Volunteers: Friends of Assabet River NWR and general volunteers for the complex
Total Number of Volunteers Trained to Map: 15
Total Number of Volunteer Hours Spent Mapping: 125

List of Invasives Species Mapped:Common NameScientific Name
  Glossy buthorn Frangula alnus
Japanese knowteed Polygonum cuspidatum
Multiflora rose Rosa multiflora
Spotted knapweed Centaurea biebersteinii
Bush honeysuckle Lonicera spp.
Oriental bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus
Black swallowwort Cynanchum louiseae
Garlic mustard Alliaria petiolata
Which, if any, of these Species are Early Detection Species: Black swallowwort
Total Number of Acres Mapped (since project initiation): 15
Have You Shared Mapping Data with USGS in Ft. Collins? No

Describe Projects Initiated with Follow-Up Funds ($10,000): NA
Total Number of Acres Treated with Follow-up Funding: NA
Total Number of Acres Restored with Follow-up Funding: NA
Total Number of Volunteers Engaged in Treatment and/or Restoration: 10


How has this Project Benefited Invasive Species Management Efforts at Your Station? We are able to map invasives on more of the refuge than we would without the help of volunteers and the volunteers feel satisfaction with helping the refuge with an important project. The mapping has helped with prioritizing areas of control and last summer we were able to focus control efforts on some new areas. Overall the project has been successful for volunteers and the refuge.
What are some of the Lessons Learned and/or Troubleshooting Points that could be Shared with Others Engaged in Similar Activity?


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