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Volunteer Invasives Mapping Project Report

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First Year of Project
Station: Silvio O. Conte NFWR
Region: 5
Contact Person: Beth Goettel
Contact Phone Number: 413-863-0709
Date Report Submitted:

List Type and/or Affiliation(s) of Volunteers: Friends, citizens, members of partner orgs.
Total Number of Volunteers Trained to Map: 12
Total Number of Volunteer Hours Spent Mapping: 160

List of Invasives Species Mapped:Common NameScientific Name
  water chestnut Trapa natans
Which, if any, of these Species are Early Detection Species: Trapa natans
Total Number of Acres Mapped (since project initiation): 140 water bodies in 2004, 80 in 2005 - no acreage estimates, no GIS layer available
Have You Shared Mapping Data with USGS in Ft. Collins? No

Describe Projects Initiated with Follow-Up Funds ($10,000): portion of funds used to buy canoes, t-shirts and refreshments for volunteers
Total Number of Acres Treated with Follow-up Funding: unknown % of total acreages of water bodies - sometimes small amount scattered over entire water body, sometimes one portion or whole water body heavily infested
Total Number of Acres Restored with Follow-up Funding: 822 acres
Total Number of Volunteers Engaged in Treatment and/or Restoration: 185 volunteers, 1004 hours total


How has this Project Benefited Invasive Species Management Efforts at Your Station? This project is keeping this agressive plant from becoming very widespread in rivers, lakes and ponds in the 4 state Ct. River watershed. A side-benefit is that it engages volunteers in a productive educational experience, bringing home the seriousness of the issue, and highlights the USFWS as a leader in landscape control efforts.
What are some of the Lessons Learned and/or Troubleshooting Points that could be Shared with Others Engaged in Similar Activity?
Choose projects carefully, investin volunteer recognition, connect individual efforts to the larger picture.


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