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2010 "Volunteers Working With Invasives"
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Project Title: Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge Invasive Species Mapping
Region: 1
Station: Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge
Contact Person:
Name and Phone Number
Jef Krueger (208) 436-3589
Project Description:
(Up to 250 words)
Locate and map, via the use of GPS, Rush skeletonweed on the refuge. Located areas then entered into GIS to allow refuge staff to pin point locations and treat this invbasive species.
List of Invasives Species Targeted:Common NameScientific Name
  Rush Skeletonweed Chondrilla juncea
Project Status: Completed
Project Completion Date
or Estimated Completion Date:


Volunteer Affiliation:
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Volunteer Involvement:
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Total Number of Volunteers:
Total Number of Volunteer Hours:
List both new and existing partnerships utilized in this project. (Up to 150 words).


Project Results:
Give an overview of the results of the project. Include quantifiable measure of success, such as maps produced, efficacy of control measures, number of sites where invasions were detected early and responded to, number of community contacts, etc. (Up to 250 words).
Approximately 8100 acres of the total 9959 acres of the refuge were searched for Rush skeletonweed during this project. Of the 8100 acres, 2245.79 acres were categorized as having dense stands of Rush skeletonweed. Maps were developed to identify large areas of skeletonweed, as well as points to identify smaller more isolated areas to improve the ability of staff to locate these areas for treatments. The dense areas were localized to 3 core areas.
Number of Acres Treated: approximately 1000 acres
Number of Acres Inventoried and/or Mapped: 8099.04
Number of Acres Restored: 0


Budget: Account for funds in broad categories such as equipment, volunteer stipends, travel, coordinator salary/contract, etc.

Total Grant Amount:

$ $10,643.00

Breakdown of Expenditures:


Total $ Spent
% of Total Grant
Equipment / Supplies
Biocontrol Agents
Volunteer Stipends
Volunteer Coordinator Salary/Contract $10,643.00 100%
Restoration Materials
TOTAL $10,643.00 100%

Recommendations: (OPTIONAL)
How useful was this program for meeting refuge invasive species objectives and how can it be improved?
The program was very successful in identifying areas to focus needed treatments with regards to Rush skeletonweed. However, additional funds would be needed to allow individuals to focus their attentions on certain species, as refuge staff were responsible for treating various other invasive species on the entire refuge, and could not take the time necessary to focus strictly on one species. A crew would be needed to focus solely on Rush to allow for any realistic hope of full erradication.


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