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2009 "Volunteers Working With Invasives"
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Project Title: Chestnut Ridge Trail Invasive Species Removal
Region: 03
Station: Muscatatuck NWR
Contact Person:
Name and Phone Number
Donna Stanley-812-522-4352
Project Description:
(Up to 250 words)
Invasive autumn olive was completely removed from the vicinity of the Visitor Center (Chestnut Ridge) Interpretive Trail. It is expected native plants will return to the area once the autumn olive is gone.
List of Invasives Species Targeted:Common NameScientific Name
  Autumn Olive Elaeagnus umbellata
Project Status: Completed
Project Completion Date
or Estimated Completion Date:


Volunteer Affiliation:
(Check all that apply)
VA_FriendsGrp VA_Scouts    VA_SchoolGrp                            VA_Other
Volunteer Involvement:
Describe the type of work the volunteers performed. (Up to 150 words)
Volunteers manually cut and hauled away the autumn olive bushes. Stumps were experimentally treated with table salt to see how effective it was on preventing resprouting.
Total Number of Volunteers: 75
Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 400
List both new and existing partnerships utilized in this project. (Up to 150 words).
Muscatatuck Wildlife Society, Refuge Rangers, Hayden School, Refuge Interns, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts


Project Results:
Give an overview of the results of the project. Include quantifiable measure of success, such as maps produced, efficacy of control measures, number of sites where invasions were detected early and responded to, number of community contacts, etc. (Up to 250 words).
The project has been very successful. Only a small amount of resprouting has occurred and the new plants are eliminated quickly by volunteers who monitor the area.
Number of Acres Treated: Under 2 acres (trail area)
Number of Acres Inventoried and/or Mapped:
Number of Acres Restored:


Budget: Account for funds in broad categories such as equipment, volunteer stipends, travel, coordinator salary/contract, etc.

Total Grant Amount:

$ $2,000

Breakdown of Expenditures:


Total $ Spent
% of Total Grant
Equipment / Supplies $2,000 100
Biocontrol Agents
Volunteer Stipends
Volunteer Coordinator Salary/Contract
Restoration Materials

Recommendations: (OPTIONAL)
How useful was this program for meeting refuge invasive species objectives and how can it be improved?
Very useful.


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