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2009 "Volunteers Working With Invasives"
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Project Title: Controlling Garlic Mustard and Phragmites at Horicon NWR
Region: 3
Station: Horicon NWR
Contact Person:
Name and Phone Number
Wendy Woyczik 920-387-2658x13
Project Description:
(Up to 250 words)
Volunteers will search for and mark with a GPS all wooded areas they find infested with garlic mustard. Staff and volunteers will then return to the area to hand pull or spray the garlic mustard. Volunteers will search for and mark with a GPS all wetland areas and dikes they find infested with phragmites. Staff and volunteers will then return to the area to spray the phragmites.
List of Invasives Species Targeted:Common NameScientific Name
  Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata
Phragmites Phragmites australis
Project Status: Completed
Project Completion Date
or Estimated Completion Date:


Volunteer Affiliation:
(Check all that apply)
VA_FriendsGrp                                 VA_Other
Volunteer Involvement:
Describe the type of work the volunteers performed. (Up to 150 words)
Volunteers drove or walked along dikes, wooded areas and wetlands to identify garlic mustard and phramites. Each carried a GPS unit and marked areas of infestation and noted size. Volunteers and staff then returned to area and hand pulled garlic mustard and sprayed phragmite patches. Sent one volunteer to chemical application training.
Total Number of Volunteers: 18
Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 51
List both new and existing partnerships utilized in this project. (Up to 150 words).
The Brandon Tanagers 4H was a new partnership and the families pulled an entire truck load of garlic mustard. Friends members and current volunteers also assisted.


Project Results:
Give an overview of the results of the project. Include quantifiable measure of success, such as maps produced, efficacy of control measures, number of sites where invasions were detected early and responded to, number of community contacts, etc. (Up to 250 words).
Six areas of Garlic Mustard were identified and .5 acres were hand pulled. Seven areas of Phragmites were identified and 78 acres were sprayed. One volunteer trained to apply chemical. Two maps were created one documenting the garlic mustard and one documenting the phragmites.
Number of Acres Treated: .5 acres garlic mustard, 78 acres phragmites
Number of Acres Inventoried and/or Mapped: 95 acres
Number of Acres Restored: unknown - will check this year for seedlings and regrowth


Budget: Account for funds in broad categories such as equipment, volunteer stipends, travel, coordinator salary/contract, etc.

Total Grant Amount:

$ $4,183.00

Breakdown of Expenditures:


Total $ Spent
% of Total Grant
Equipment / Supplies
Chemical $4,083.00 98%
Biocontrol Agents
Volunteer Stipends
Volunteer Coordinator Salary/Contract
Restoration Materials
Other $100.00 2%
TOTAL $4,183.00 100%

Recommendations: (OPTIONAL)
How useful was this program for meeting refuge invasive species objectives and how can it be improved?
Without this funding we would not have been able to buy the chemical needed to spray the invasive species.


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