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2008 "Volunteers Working With Invasives"
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Project Title: Mapping, control and monitoring of invasive trees on Wolf Lake WPA
Region: 3
Station: Windom Wetland Management District
Contact Person:
Name and Phone Number
Mark Vaniman 507-831-2220 x11
Project Description:
(Up to 250 words)
Locate, map,remove and treat invasive woody vegetation and noxious weeds on conversion site within the Wolf Lake WPA.
List of Invasives Species Targeted:Common NameScientific Name
  Canada thistle Cirsium arvense
Eastern Red Cedar Juniperous virginiana
Green Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Cottonwood Populus deltoides
Buckthorn Rhamnus cathartica
Project Status: Completed
Project Completion Date
or Estimated Completion Date:


Volunteer Affiliation:
(Check all that apply)
VA_FriendsGrp VA_Scouts                                VA_Other
Volunteer Involvement:
Describe the type of work the volunteers performed. (Up to 150 words)
Volunteers located and cut invasive trees on prairie conversion site. All woody species were mapped using handheld GPS units, cut down and treated with chemical to prevent resprouting. Thistle plants located were either pulled or sprayed. Volunteers also hand harvested grass and forb seeds for planting in recently disturbed construction sites on the WPA.
Total Number of Volunteers: 20
Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 43
List both new and existing partnerships utilized in this project. (Up to 150 words).
Friends of Windom Wetlands, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts and local prairie enthusiasts, Cottonwood County Citizen.


Project Results:
Give an overview of the results of the project. Include quantifiable measure of success, such as maps produced, efficacy of control measures, number of sites where invasions were detected early and responded to, number of community contacts, etc. (Up to 250 words).
Volunteers were informed of the need to control invasives on prairie sites and provided with field guides to identify plants of concern. The reason for removing trees from the prairie was also explained to the participants. Volunteers cleared more than 150 trees from the 9.5 acre site and harvested enough seed to plant disturbed sites around our trail and shop. Scouts will return for a follow-up on the project and will see graphic results of their mapping efforts on maps printed by District staff. Article printed in local paper and scouts are committed to on the ground follow up in spring '09 and 2009 public lands day.
Number of Acres Treated: 9.5
Number of Acres Inventoried and/or Mapped: 9.5
Number of Acres Restored: Indirectly - 35+


Budget: Account for funds in broad categories such as equipment, volunteer stipends, travel, coordinator salary/contract, etc.

Total Grant Amount:

$ $2,510.00

Breakdown of Expenditures:


Total $ Spent
% of Total Grant
Equipment / Supplies 1438.28 57
Chemical 808.46 32
Biocontrol Agents
Volunteer Stipends
Volunteer Coordinator Salary/Contract
Restoration Materials
Other 263.26 11
TOTAL $2,510 100

Recommendations: (OPTIONAL)
How useful was this program for meeting refuge invasive species objectives and how can it be improved?


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