Click on a state to view a map displaying many of the refuges and wetland management districts in that state.
Map of the United States with clickable states linking to a state map displaying many of the refuges in that state. state of Washington state of California state of Oregon state of Montana state of Idaho state of Nevada state of Utah state of Arizona state of Hawaii state of North Dakota state of Wyoming state of Colorado state of New Mexico state of South Dakota state of Nebraska state of Kansas state of Oklahoma state of Minnesota state of Iowa state of Missouri state of Arkansas state of Louisiana state of Wisconsin state of Illinois state of Indiana state of Ohio state of Kentucky state of Tennessee state of Mississippi state of Alabama state of Florida state of Georgia Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands state of South Carolina state of North Carolina state of Virginia state of West Virginia state of Pennsylvania state of Maryland state of Maryland state of Delaware state of New Jersey state of New Jersey state of New York state of Vermont state of Maine state of New Hampshire state of New Hampshire state of Massachusetts state of Massachusetts state of Connecticut state of Connecticut state of Rhode Island state of Rhode Island state of Michigan state of Alaska Navassa Island National Wildlife Refuge Guam National Wildlife Refuge

Please note that the state maps are for casual use and general interest only. They are not comprehensive, nor are they of GIS quality and detail. As of 9/30/08 (the Division of Realty's annual reporting date), there were 548 national wildlife refuges in all 50 states. Not all of them are open to the public. Rocky Flats in Colorado was established as the 548th National Wildlife Refuge on July 12, 2007, adding nearly 4,000 acres to the refuge system. There were 37 Wetland Management Districts in the Prairie Pothole region of the northern Great Plains.

The National Wildlife Refuge System manages over 96 million acres of land with often complex boundaries in overlapping states. Multiple state locations may or may not be displayed in these maps.

Total acreage for the NWRS as of 9/30/08 was 96,546,018 acres. This includes 548 national wildlife refuges, Waterfowl Production Areas in 206 counties and 49 Coordination Areas.

If you have need of geo-referenced map data, please use the following links:

Visit the NWRS's Division of Realty Web Site for detailed land data, or download the Annual Report of Lands Under Control of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (12.5 MB) in PDF format.

PDF map (3.5 MB) created by the NWRS Division of Realty showing the location of all refuges as of 9/30/07.
Use Adobe Acrobat Reader's zoom feature (magnifying glass) to enlarge sections of the map online. The map will print out legibly.

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