From the boom of the prairie chicken to the dance of the western grebes and the “regular one–man hard rock band of the cockatoo,” birds have songs and sounds that attract a mate, protect a nest or scare away predators. Lita Judge paints softly colored illustrations of a wide range of species to explain all these sounds in Bird Talk: What Birds are Saying and Why.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Bob Hines’ birth this year, John D. Juriga published a new biography—Bob Hines: National Wildlife Artist. Hines, the only U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee ever to hold that title, worked with Rachel Carson, standardized the annual Duck Stamp competition, and in the words of former Service director Lynn Greenwalt, was an artist whose “talent was formidable and his work legendary.”

Bob Hines book cover.

Bird Talk book cover.