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Five Teams Are Central To Refuge System Summit

Discussions at the Conservation in Action Summit will revolve about white papers developed by five teams, composed of Refuge System employees, non-government partner organizations, Friends groups and volunteers. The teams have defined what successful programs look like and examined central questions that will confront the Refuge System as it formulates a shared sense of priorities during the Summit.

The teams and leaders are:

Leadership Team, chaired by Conservation Planning & Policy Deputy Chief Barry Stieglitz.

Science Team, chaired by Chief of Information Technology and Management Ken Grannemann and Region 5 Refuge Chief Tony Leger.

Strategic Growth Team, chaired by Chief of Realty A. Eric Alvarez, former Chief of Conservation Planning & Policy Nancy Gloman and Region 4 Refuge Chief Jon Andrew.

Wildlife-Dependent Recreation Team, chaired by Visitor Services and Communications Chief Allyson Rowell and Region 7 Refuge Chief Todd Logan.

Wildlife and Habitat Team, chaired by Natural Resources Chief Tom Stewart and Region 2 Refuge Chief Dom Ciccone.


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