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Day Time Session Name
May 24th
1:00 PM Opening Plenary
Robert Byrd Auditorium

  1:10 PM Introduction
William P. Horn –
Centennial Commission Chair
  1:20 PM Welcome Keynote Address
The Honorable Gale A. Norton
  1:40 PM Featured Speaker
  2:30 PM Refreshment Break
  3:00 PM Featured Speaker
  3:30 PM Summit Overview –
Executive Committee

Robert Byrne –
    Wildlife Program Coordinator
    Wildlife Management Institute

Evan Hirsche – President, National Wildlife Refuge Association

James Kurth – Deputy Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System
  5:00 PM Adjourn
  7:30 PM Evening Event Roosevelt Room
Special announcement by John Berry, Executive Director
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Sponsored by:
The NWRS Centennial Commission
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
MBNA Financial Services
May 25th
8:00 AM Plenary – "The Chief's Challenge for the Next Century"
William Hartwig, Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System
Robert Byrd Auditorium
  8:30 AM Breakout One
All breakouts will be held in the instructional buildings.
  10:00 AM Refreshment Break
  10:45 AM Move to Auditorium
  11:00 AM "Working Together for the Next Century of Conservation –
A Shared Sense of Priorities"
Rollie Sparrowe, President Emeritus, Wildlife Management Institute
Robert Byrd Auditorium
  1:30 PM Breakout Two
  3:00 PM Refreshment Break
  3:15 PM Return to Breakout Two
  4:15 PM Return to Plenary
Robert Byrd Auditorium
  4:30 PM A Futurist Look
  5:00 PM Adjourn
May 26th
8:00 AM Plenary: "A Friend's Perspective"
Ms. Ann Smith – Friends of Black Bayou, Inc.
  8:45 AM Breakout Three
  9:45 PM Refreshment Break
  1:30 PM Breakout Four
  4:00 PM Plenary – "Refuges and Recreation for a Healthier US"
Michael Suk, M.D., J.D., M.P.H. – White House Fellow
to the Department of the Interior

Robert Byrd Auditorium
  4:30 PM Plenary – "Conservation Leadership for the 21st Century"
  5:00 PM Adjourn
May 27th
8:30 AMPlenary –
"A Refuge Manager's Perspective"
Robin West, Refuge Manager, Kenai NWR
 9:00 AMWrap up
Executive Committee
  10:15 AM Refreshment Break
  10:30 AM Call to Action
Steve Williams, Director USFWS
  11:15 PM Final Thoughts and Announcements
  11:30 AM Adjourn

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