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Two FWS researchers on a boat studying the contents of two containers filled with mussels. The Science Team, chaired by Chief of Information Technology and Management Ken Grannemann and Region 5 Refuge Chief Tony Leger, developed draft recommendations to improve the Refuge System's capacity to carry out science-based management to protect the biological integrity, diversity, and environmental health of the nation's refuges and wetland management districts.

The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 recognizes the complexities of natural resource management on refuges and calls for the integration of sound science in the Refuge System's management. Ultimately, refuges are anchors for biodiversity and ecosystem-level conservation and leaders in wilderness preservation.

Science Team Working Paper   (April 26, 2004)    21 page PDF – 115 KB

Recommendations to Implement a Biological Data Management System
(March 2004 report not yet acted upon by Promises Implementation Team)     101 page PDF – 370 KB

Baseline Inventory Data Recommendations for National Wildlife Refuges   (January 2004)
33 page MS Word file – 250 KB

A Process for Integrating Wildlife Population, Biodiversity and Habitat Goals and Objectives on the National Wildlife Refuge System: Coordinating with Partners at all Landscape Scales
(January 2004)    64 page MS Word file – 1.03 MB

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