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Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge supports one of the largest aggregations of water birds in the world.  Over one million ducks and half a million geese breed here annually, and in some summers, up to a third of the continent's northern pintails can be found on the refuge.  In addition, nearly 40,000 loons, 40,000 grebes, 100,000 swans and 30,000 cranes return to the refuge each spring to nest.  Millions of shorebirds use the refuge for both breeding and staging.  In terms of both density and species diversity, the delta is the most important shorebird nesting area in the country, and the vast intertidal zone is the most important wetland for post-breeding shorebirds on the west coast of North America.  The delta meets all of the criteria for identifying wetlands of international importance under Article 2 of the Ramsar Convention


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