Snowshoe hare

Lepus americanus
Snowshoe hare had distinctive black ear tips/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach
Unlike most snowshoe hares, the fur of those that inhabit the coast of Washington and Oregon do not change white in the winter. Snowshoe hares can be identified by their large hind feet and the black ear tips. These adaptive mammals use sharp front teeth to clip and eat a wide variety of grasses, forbs and shrubs, including willow and alder bark, buds and small branches. Snowshoe hares will even eat carrion. When alarmed they will hide in dense brush, under logs or within the burrows of other animals. Sometimes snowshoe hares will thump their hind feet on the ground in warning.

Facts About Snowshoe hare

Have large, furry hind feet

Born with hair and can hop within a day

Do not keep a den