Sevengill Shark

Notorynchus cepedianus
Sevengill sharks live in Willapa Bay and are occasionally found dead on the mudflats/USFWS Photo
Like all sharks, the sevengill lacks a boney skeleton.  The sevengill shark is one of only two members of the cow shark family found in North America. The sevengill is named for its set of seven gill slits – most sharks only have five.  Has only one dorsal fin, whereas most other sharks have two. Living in soft-bottomed bays and in near-shore ocean waters, the sevengill shark will eat almost anything including other sharks and carrion. Learn more about this shark…

Facts About Sevengill Shark

Grows to 9 ft (2.7 m)

A single female can birth 85 young at one time

Not cared for by adults after birth