North American Porcupine

Erethizon dorsatum
The slow moving porcupine is most often seen as roadkill/Photo Courtesy of Suzy Whittey
Weighing up to 40 pounds it’s hard to imagine that this strict vegetarian can climb onto small branches to feed on the new bark. The strong, curved claws, rough foot pads and quills located on the underside of the tail aid the porcupine to be a skilled and agile climber. Generally slow and lumbering, the porcupine uses its quills, modified hairs with barbed tips, for defense.

Facts About North American Porcupine

Baby porcupines are called “porcupettes” and are born with soft spines that harden within one hour of birth

Have 30,000 quills

Can stay in the same tree or bush for days