Pacific Tree Frog

Pseudacris regilla
Pacific tree frogs can be green, gray or brown, but always have a black mask from nose to shoulder/Photo Courtesy of Jackson D. Shedd
On a visit to the refuge when it’s humid or rainy a low ‘krrreck’ sound may capture your attention. Listen carefully and you may be able to discern the call of the Pacific tree frog. These small green or brownish frogs have a black mask from the tip of their nose to their shoulder. Pacific tree frogs secrete a waxy substance that keeps its skin moist as it searches for food in meadows, shrubs and even trees. These dainty frogs are not picky eaters. Voracious predators, they search tree bark, flowers, wet meadows and wetland edges for any prey they can catch.

Facts About Pacific Tree Frog

Eats its own skin when it sheds

Juvenile frogs can be smaller than a dime

Sticky foot pads make it a great climber