Red Knot

Calidris canutus
Red knots are long distance migrants, sometimes as far as 9,000 miles/Photo Courtesy of Len Blomin

The Red knot is uncommon migrant in spring and fall in the Refuge and elsewhere.  In winter its back is pale gray and its underparts are white. In breeding plumage it has a reddish brown face, neck, breast and sides.  It is usually seen on the ocean beach and the Refuge mudflats foraging with other shorebirds.  Its diet varies according to the season. On migration it probes in the mud for prey. In general, its diet includes insects, mollusks, crab and larvae. The Red knot is a species of concern.

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Facts About Red Knot

Looks like a Robin on the beach when it is in breeding plumage

Chunky body, short legged, and short straight bill

Appears to be hunch-backed

Extreme distance migrant, up to 9,000 miles