Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Bald eagles are not bald, but have white feathers on their heads/Photo Courtesy of Rollin Bannow

The Bald eagle nests in the Refuge and surrounding areas.  Nesting occurs, for example, on Long Island and in the Cape Disappointment State Park area.  The Bald eagle has the largest nest of any North American bird.  It is a common, permanent resident in the Refuge. A walk or drive on the beach usually means a Bald eagle sighting.  Eagles feed on the beach and many sit on the man made perches found along the edge of the dunes. The Bald eagle is an opportunistic feeder. It mainly eats fish that it catches by swooping down and snatching them from the water with its strong, yellow talons.  In the Pacific Northwest, Bald eagles prefer spawning trout and salmon in late summer and fall. They also feast on carrion and injured animals such as rabbits, waterfowl, and squirrels.  In bye-gone days the word bald meant white-headed which is where its name comes from.  Adult Bald eagles have bright, white heads and tails.  Their flight can be described as flap and glide. It can often be seen soaring on thermals high in the sky.

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Facts About Bald Eagle

Can live for 40 years in the wild

Symbol of the United States of America

The eagle is not bald