Coastal Tailed Frog

Ascaphus truei
The tailed frog is highly adpated to cold, fast moving streams/Photo Courtesy of Jackson D. Shedd

Like salmon of the Pacific Northwest, tailed frogs inhabit cold, clear, well-shaded streams. This fast-moving habitat requires a variety of adaptations and this frog species is well designed for the task. Tadpoles have wide, flat and downward facing mouths that help them suction onto rocks. Males have a ‘tail’ that they use to internally fertilize females – an adaptation which prevents sperm from being washed downstream.

Most tailed frogs are darkly colored with grainy skin to help them blend in. Tadpoles often have a white spot on the tip of their tails. Although they spend most of their lives in the water, adult tailed-frogs can sometimes be found along stream banks at night or on rainy days.

Facts About Coastal Tailed Frog

Hatchlings are nearly transparent

Develop slowly, tadpoles taking 2-5 years to become adults

Have no voice