American Black Bear

Ursus americanus
Black bears eat plenty of plants, especially dandelions/Photo Courtesy of Suzy Whittey
Black bears and humans have much in common. Both are highly adaptable, learn quickly, teach their young and will eat a wide-range of foods. The strong claws and teeth of black bears allow them to climb trees, tear apart logs, move rocks, eat plants and carrion, and even hunt small mammals. The bear’s diet changes throughout the year and is evident in the prolific piles of scat it leaves behind. The presence of bear can be determined by tracks, scat, scrapes on tree trunks and torn apart logs. A highly defined sense of smell and curiosity will attract bears to trash cans, compost piles and campsites in hopes that they will find an additional food source.

Facts About American Black Bear

Can weigh up to 600 pounds

95% of diet is plant material

Will den in hollow trees, under fallen logs or the roots of a fallen-down tree