Common Raven

Corvus corax
The common raven has a large bill and a shaggy throat/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach
The raven is a common, permanent resident that breeds in the Refuge and on the Peninsula. Ravens mate when they are three years old, and they mate for life. Like the crow, the raven is a scavenger and will eat almost anything including plastic and glass. They also eat live animals that may be injured or ill. It can be seen on the beach, in parks, at the dump, and in the various units of the Refuge. Ravens are very intelligent and are able to solve problems by trial and error. It has also been shown that ravens use tools. Their call is a hoarse, low croak or “caw”, but they can make many different calls. According to the latest research they have as many as 30 different vocalizations. It is the Refuge’s largest songbird.

Facts About Common Raven

Largest all black bird

Shaggy throat

Wedged-shaped tail