Barn Owl

Tyto alba
Secretive and nocturnal, the white and gold barn owl is a highly adapted night hunter/Photo Courtesy of Rollin Bannow
This white and gold owl has a heart-shaped face and dark eyes. They hunt in open fields, marshes and woodlands at night using their excellent vision and outstanding hearing. The shape of their face actually helps to funnel sound to their ears, which are located beneath their fluffy head feathers. Experiments have shown that barn owls can hunt entirely by sound. Barn owls primarily eat small rodents such as mice, rats and voles, but will occasionally take bats and rabbits. They swallow their prey whole. For each animal the owl eats it regurgitates a pellet that contains the complete skeleton and fur of that animal. Barn owls are highly secretive. Finding pellets may help you locate an owl roost. Barn owls mate for life and the male brings food to the female and chicks on the nest. Populations have been decreasing as hunting and nesting areas are being lost to development. The open areas of the refuge are good locations to listen for and see barn owls at night. Listen to the unique sounds of the barn owl...

Facts About Barn Owl

Darkest birds are females, paler birds are male

Roost inĀ buildings, cave and tree cavitiesĀ 

Don't hoot - they scream, hiss, a make a "kleak-kleak" sound