Wildlife Watching Tips

Osprey build large stick nests on power poles, platforms and the tops of large trees throughout the area/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach

Watching wildlife can reward the observer with surprises at every turn. Review the tips below. Some may seem simple, but even the most seasoned viewer can sometimes overlook the obvious!

A Quick Guide toKeeping an Eye on Nature 

  1. Look up
  2. Look down
  3. Look right
  4. Look left
  5. Listen
  6. Use your nose to advantage; “smell” the roses
  7. Stay on the path
  8. Use binoculars or a scope to minimize the disturbance of wildlife (if an animal moves away, you are too close)
  9. Take photos along the way
  10. Make field notes, including date, time, weather and details of what you see, hear, smell and feel
  11. Create drawings of your observations
  12. Take care
  13. Leave it better than you found it


Find out where to use these tips to watch refuge wildlife…